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Let me try to answer some of the regular questions I receive about guitars and guitar lessons. If you can’t find your answer here, contact me and i’ll do my best to help. Yoiu can also call us on 07784 015591.


> Are online guitar lessons good?
Having been forced to adopt an online teaching platform through the COVID pandemic, I was VERY skeptical. It was a considerable change. However, myself and my students could not believe how much faster progress we were getting. This isn’t because people were furloughed, it was a result of me being able to record my demonstrations in class and also record important explainations like theory and whatnot. I was blown away. Now I run a full time online diary but am happy to take students face to face at the studio. I am surprised the number of students that want face to face and then decide to go online because no travel is necessary and they get great tuition. It’s madness. I never thought it’d have gone this way.

> Are guitar lessons necessary?
Not at all. Music is an expressive art form. If you can make something with your guitar, be it in tune or not, as long as you’re happy and if you can make others happy, then you’re winning! There are MANY artists who have made millions of pounds and never had a lesson in their lives. For the rest of us however, I think if you’re serious, go get some lessons! 😀 


> How much are guitar lessons?
Prices can vary dramatically, and you do get what you pay for. Myself I am a fully trained and full time professional tutor. I’ve earned my money out of my guitar since I left school, and I need to get results out of my students, otherwise people won’t pay me. Whatsmore this isn’t pocket money, so to charge my fee I really need to offer a great service and give value for money. In contrast you can pay very little, even a 3rd of my price, but usually this is a ‘tutor’ who does it for abit of a laugh and some pin money. I always say this: I fitted new taps to my bathroom sink once, but that doesn’t make me a plumber, and I would seriously advise you against employing me to fit your taps! 😀 


> How to start guitar lessons?
You’ve already started. Search online, look for tutor credentials, check reviews, book a trial lesson and see what you think of the tutor. Make sure you’re clear with what you want to get out of your classes.

> How many guitar lessons do I need?
The million dollar question. Like when i’m studying Italian at college in my free time, the more effort and study I put in, the more I get out of the language. When I feel i’ve reached the point where i’m proficient enough, then i’ll stop paying for classes. I try to recommend students consider thinking this way. In addition, if student progress isn’t good then we will have a conversation and make sure you are not wasting your time or money. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

> What age to start guitar lessons?
I think 6 years old is the youngest age where the student gets the most out of the classes. They have developed good coordination and cognative skills making your investment in tuition much better value for money. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t try kids learning from younger. I started at 10 years old and I just loved it and never stopped. 

> Will guitar lessons make me better?
I hope so! Every student is different and I can vouch from experience that the students that practice, work at it, daily, they all get better. I myself study Italian at BHASVIC in Brighton once a week, and I know full well that if I leave my study a few days then I start to forget things. You must practice.


> What is the best way to learn guitar?
I believe working with a tutor and also learning outside of class. Choose songs you want to learn that you and your tutor think are achievable, and try them outside of class. This way you can be practicing what your tutor instructs but also gaining extra knowledge outside of class that can be shown to your teacher and refined. In addition you can learn more about our guitar lessons in Brighton here.


> Why learn guitar licks?
Because some of them sound killer! No seriously, licks are little musical lines that when you add them all together can sound really cool. Licks are the things that our guitar heroes might use all the time, almost like muscle memory, and we can tap into them to help us emulate our heroes.


> Which is easier to learn guitar or ukuele?
For youngsters the Uke is a great instrument to get started on. It helps with fretting pressure, it’s smaller, it’s lighter. However, it isn’t a guitar. If you have a passion for learning the guitar, then go for it. Some people start with a uke because they think it is easier and a stepping stone up to “the real thing”. Don’t worry, go for it!


> Can you learn guitar at 50 years old?
50 is a great time to learn if you can make the time and commitment. You need at least 15 mins a day playing the guitar to at least keep your motor functions together. In my experience of many adult students, 50 is a great time because generally most adults’ fingers are in good condition still to learn to become more nimble and dexterous, and the ‘grey matter’ is fast enough to be taking all the information in (though for many of us, learning to LEARN again is the biggest challenge!).


> Why learn scales?
Scales make up the melodies that our favourite singers sing, and our favourite guitar solos. Chords are built from scales believe it or not. I personally love doing scale exercises because it’s good for my fingers to be learning to navigate around the fingerboard, but also my brain to be learning patterns and shapes I can call upon later when I want to improvise a guitar solo or such.


> Do you teach grades?
Oh yes! I love teaching grades! The Rockschool graded syllabus is my choice as you can learn a nice selection of song, scales and exercises. From grade 6 students receive UCAS points for university, which I think is really cool. That and I think it’s nice to have a tangible result from your guitar instruction.


> Can we learn to record?
We have a fully functional Pro Tools recording system here at the studio, so of course! Music technology courses are also offered. Ask for more info.



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