Guitar Setups in Brighton

Having a guitar setup just right can help make your guitar playing so much easier and fun. Brighton Rocks offers guitar setups in Brighton to help give you just that.


What is a guitar setup?

Your guitar needs an annual service and overhaul to keep it playing and sounding it’s best, in addition to prolonging the life of the instrument.

Below are some examples of setup issues you might not even know you have.


Scratchy pots

Poor tuning stablity

Dirty condition

Difficult to play

Choking bends

String retainers catching

Sticking nut slots

Dull sounding

Poor neck angle

High Action

Dry Fingerboard



How will my guitar be setup?

By default we setup our customer’s guitars to factory published specifications, but can be bespoke on player’s needs, like setup for slide guitar, lower actions for speed, heavy strings for tones, Floyd Rose tremolos etc.





What’s included in a guitar setup?

There are many elements to balance to make your guitar not just play great, but to help you get the best out of your own playing. Here’s some examples of what happens during a guitar setup.

Pre-Setup Measurements

Measuring and documenting your current guitar setup and comparing to factory specs and before/afters.

Neck Relief

Adjusting the neck to minimise fretbuzz and choking on string bends.

String Action

String actions can be adjusted for playing styles, i.e. high for slide guitar or low for shred speed playing.

Thougher Clean

Electrics, body, neck, frets, lubricating of frictious components.


A full restring with your preferred brand or strings and gauges.


Calibration of your guitar’s intonation to ensure you’re playing in tune all over the neck.


“It plays so well. I feel like a different player.”


> Do I need to get my guitar setup?
Having your guitar setup means you’re playing an instrument fully optimised for it’s best tone production and ease of playing. Simply put, you’ll find it easier to play your chords and solos, it’ll sound better, stay in tune better, it’ll be cleaner and you’ll be saving wear on the instrument – worn strings actually damage frets and bridge saddles causing closer future repair costs. If you’ve never had your guitar setup, treat it at least once. You’ll be amazed at the difference.


> What is ‘action’?
String ‘action’ is the gap between the strings and the top of the metal frets. It is measured at the 12th fret.

Different actions have various pros and cons. For example, the higher the string is from the frets, the easier it is to get under the string to bend, however the higher action means you have to push harder to fret the note as the distance of the string to the fret is greater.

Furthermore, a low string action will make it far easier to fret the notes with less finger pressure, will make the neck feel ‘fast’, but the result may be it’s harder to control string bends, some ‘choking’ may occur and the tone of the guitar will generally be thinner or not as loud acoustically. 


> What is a truss rod?
Do you remember ‘car boot sales’? You’d always see a cheap classical guitar and the neck would be bowed like a banana, practically unplayable. To stop this happening in more expensive instruments, the guitar neck has a metal rod inserted to help reinforce the neck and straighten it. This is called the truss rod. 

> Do bass guitar setups exist?
Bass guitars are setup with exactly the same techniques as 6 string guitars. Classical and acoustic guitars too.


> Is a guitar setup worth it?
A great guitar setup is worth every penny. Your guitar plays the best it can, with the best sound, it’ll be all clean and polished just like when it left the factory, but after a good guitar setup it’ll likely play BETTER than when it left the factory! You’ll get more pleasure from playing, you’ll progress faster as you’re not fighting your guitar and finally your guitar will be spared from any damage that was occuring through neglect. 


> What does a guitar setup include?
Brighton Rocks offers guitar setups in Brighton.

Your guitar’s existing setup will be measured, electrics tested, bends, chords, any strange buzzes or noises, tuning instabilities, and any and all observations will be noted.

The instrument will be thougherly cleaned using professional dedicated guitar fluids, including electrics and jack socket, body/neck finishes and metals.

Rosewood fingerboards are treated to fingerboard conditioners or lemon oils.

After the guitar is restrung it will be adjusted to manufacturer’s specifications, unless a bespoke setup is requested, i.e. for slide guitar or such. Neck relief, string action, pickup height, bridge angle, lubrication of fricious materials like the saddles and nut, tuned to desired tuning, fully tested and prepared ready for it’s owner.


> How often should I get my guitar setup?
I recommend to all students that their guitars are setup at least once a year.

As seasons change we experience differences in temperature and humity, and like when our doors stick as things expand and contract, our wooden guitars are subject to the same physics. 

My own personal instruments can be setup up to 3 times a year to have them playing their best and preventing any damage.


> How long does a guitar setup take?
Generally guitar setups take 2-3 hours of labour, not including leaving the various fingerboard conditioners to penetrate/dry and truss rod ‘settlement’ times.



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